Learn to decree and declare


Do we know the meaning of decreeing and declaring over our lives. We need to be more cautious with the words, we pronounce out of our mouth daily. it can either promote or demote us. Words are very powerful. Often times our spouse(s), children, families, etc. are affected of what our mouth speaks.

It's imperative for us to be deligent with our words especially when angered. Learn to speak blessings upon your lives and others. Do we know our attributes given to us by God? Why are we destroying our lives daily with negative decrees. We need to start building an attitude of decreeing and declaring over our lives daily in a positive way.. Here are some decrees and declarations;

I was born to be a leader not a follower.

I am the head and not the tail.

I am blessed and highly favored.

I am a success and not a failure.

I am a winner and not a loser.

I am blessing and not a curse.

I am free and not a captive.

I am a sheperd and not a sheep.

I am accepted not rejected.

I am happy not sad.

I am wise not foolish.

I was born to be healthy and not sick.

I was born to rise and not fall.

I was born with boldness and not fear.

I was born with strength and not weakness.

I was born with humility and not pride.

I was born to strive not be stagnant.

I was born to shine despite all odds.

I was born to be a conqueror and an overcomer.

I was born to serve God; to pray, worship and praise the Lord for his goodness and mercies.


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What is conscience?

it's an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting or as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior.

Do you have a conscience ? Are you conscious of the things you do to others? Are you conscious of your thoughts? Are you conscious of the way you address others? Are you conscious of the way you treat others? Are you conscious of how others feel about you ? Are you conscious of your environment?

Don't neglect your thoughts or feelings for others. Always try to put yourself in someone else's shoes to understand. Be sensitive to other's thoughts. I pray God bless you with the gift of conscience. Amen Glory to God.

                -CARINE N. NJONJO

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Who am I in the Lord?


 Many people are faced with this question everyday. Who am I in the Lord? Yes, who are you in the Lord? What makes you special as a child of God? How important are you to God? Do you really know your worth in the Lord? What makes you significant in the Lord?


 Genesis 1:27 " So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."Lord said we were created in his own image and likeness. Why are we doubting the love of God in our lives? He made us who we are. 


In Jeremiah 1:5. He stated "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations." So what makes us fill like we do not have an identity before God? When he clearly states I know who you are.


 I think we should all know God loves and created us in his own image and likeness. He made each of us unique and exceptional for his Glory.

Our God has blessed us with a lot of unique gifts which we shouldn't take for granted. Do not underestimate the greatness and potential in you.


 From today say this with boldness "I KNOW WHO I AM." I am wonderfully, faithfully, beautifully and righteously made. I was born to shine, I was born to be a leader, I was born to succeed, I was born to move mountains and to fulfil his purpose. Glory to God. Amen

                   -CARINE N. NJONJO

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Read your Bible daily

 Brethren, l want us to start reading the bible as much as we can. I want us to develope an attitude towards reading the word of God. I want us to read the bible as we surf the internet. Let your bible be as your mobile phone. I want us to make a commitment daily to read the word of God.


Remember your soul needs to be fed daily as your flesh with food. Your soul needs to be enhanced with the Spirit of God.


 I want us to challenge ourselves by reading a book in the bible bi-weekly; meaning we need to be reading 2 books of the bible each month.


 We need to familiarize ourselves with the word of God. When the word of God lives in us, the enemy can't stand our presence. Thank you Jesus.


As you begin to read and you are faced with questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Glory be to God.


 I decree and declare as you begin this journey, your life will never be the same. Let every word written in the book of life ministers to your soul in Jesus name. Amen

                        -CARINE N. NJONJO

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It's never too late


Sometime ago, I got up with so much regret to the point I said to myself is not worth it. I felt my whole world crumbling down on me. I felt like a lost case. I felt deleted. I felt unaccomplished. I felt invisible. I felt destroyed. I felt rejected. I felt useless. To the point that l said "what am living for?"


But knowing how God works, he sent me an angel in the form of my husband to set me free. The reason I' am recounting this story is because l want someone to know its never too late for things to turn around. Sometimes the trials you face in life are stepping stones to your divine destination. They are also served as testimonies, to encourage others facing similar situations.


Don't give up! Keep pushing, just keep pushing. God sees everything, but sometimes he has to allow you to go through certain things to get to his original plan for your life. Its never too late to pick up the pieces. Our God is faithful. More Grace and patience. 

                   -CARINE N. NJONJO

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Comfort Zone


This morning I could barely get up. I was so exhausted to the point that my bed called me back to sleep.


 I usually have a scheduled time to pray, but my sleep was so sweet, that I thought I was on vacation in the bahamas. Funny right? Until the Spirit of God woke me up with this revelation.


Stop procrastinating and step out of your comfort zone. Take charge of your destiny. Stop relaxing! there is no time ...he said there is no time. We get too comfortable in our position by limiting ourselves from great opportunities.


 Now, it's time to say to SELF. Vacation is over. Let's get ready for the unknown. Are you ready? Because I am!


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Self esteem

Thank God for another great day!

My beautiful people it has been a rough day but with God all things are possible. Let's get started with another great inspiration!


Let's talk about self esteem. Why do you look down on yourself? Why are you invisible? Why are you deteriorating day by day? Why are you losing your identity? Why do you think you are not beautiful ? Why do you make yourself pitiful? Why are you self destructing? Why do you think you are not useful to the society? Why do you think you aren't special?  Why  do you let your past control you? Why do you think that you lack the ability to move forward? Why are you letting the guilt of your past torment you?


Don't lose your identity and self confidence. I have walked through that road and It's not a pleasant one, but to God be the Glory. You need the mercy of God to step out of that captivity and say I KNOW WHO I AM. Because God said it, I believe it and that settles it.

 Beginning this day forward, take a mirror and look at yourself saying this words. Yes l was wrong; Yes, I made a mistake, but now I have learned from it. I forgive myself and others. Past I' am done with you. You won't be my stronghold anymore.


 For the Lord has forgiven me, why are you still tormenting me? it's over. Thank you Jesus for this deliverance. Forward ever, backward never. Darkness I' am gone!! I now see the light. I' am ready to embrace my true self. Praise God.  

            -CARINE N. NJONJO

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Who am l?

The question you have to ask yourself each day is " WHO ARE YOU?"


Who am I? Am I happy? Am I making excuses for my life? Am I limiting myself? Am I productive? Am I starving myself emotionally? Am I allowing the troubles of life to affect my thinking? Am I sacrificing myself for others?



Am I pursuing my dream goals? Am I talking to the right people? Am I always making excuses for everything? Am I a problem solver or a trouble maker? Am I a helping hand to others? Am I an encouragement to others or a deceiver?



Am I fulfilling God's purpose in my life? Am I an example to my peers, spouse, children, family etc. Am I using the gifts bestowed on me by God? Am I practicing what I preach?



I am beautiful, self confident, self righteous, woman of virtue, daughter of Zion, exceptional, Anointed and most of all the child of God, favored and blessed. 

                   -CARINE N. NJONJO

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Prayer is a very important tool in our lives. We have to know how to use it. It has to be like our mobile phones. Wherever  you  go always have a prayerful  spirit. It's very important to make it part of your daily life. Sometimes we might face difficulties but only the Grace of God can sustains us. I pray God baptize us with the gift of prayer in Jesus name. Amen. There is power in prayer. Be blessed and highly favored.


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My journey

It's a blessing to be part of this great and challenging  journey. When the Lord says "Yes" , no one can say No. All Glory belongs to God. He is gracious, loving and excellent. There is nothing too big for him to handle. My life has been a journey and am actively still running this race. Come join me on this great exploration of God 's Glory. Be blessed and highly favored.

                   -CARINE N. NJONJO

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