The Gift of life

John 3:16

" For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should  not perish but have eternal life."


What is life? What do you understand by being alive? Life is a precious and an exceptional gift from God to us. It's a priceless gift. It can never be bought.


Sometimes, people do not value what they have. When you are blessed to be alive everyday, ask yourself this simple question... "What's my purpose?" "why is God still keeping me alive?" Am I fulfilling what I was created for?" "Is my life an example to others?" "Am I displaying the right attitude about my life?"


A while ago, I used to wake up every morning and jump right into the shower, because I was either running late for work or other things. But one day I could not get up from bed because I was experiencing major cramps in my legs. Then suddenly, I said to God "Please heal me", then he answered "My child, why would you ask me to heal you, when you can acknowledge the life I have given you?" "What are you doing with your life?" I responded and said "God I am truly sorry."


From that moment, I realized that I hadn't taken the time to praise God for my life every morning. It's very important to thank God for your life daily. When you give thanks  to God every minute of your life, He knows you are truly grateful for his gift. Don't take your life for granted because someone  will be willing to trade yours in a second.


Often times we do not appreciate life enough to treat it right. There are a lot of people losing their lives everyday, wishing they could have just a day with God to say "I'm sorry! I would have changed but  was never opportuned to do so". Live your life in a way of Christ. Do not  treat it with disrespect, but love.


We have to start realising the importance of our lives. We need to take sometime and meditate deeply of what Life is? Do not abuse the life given to you by God . Instead live a life  that edifies God's Glory.


I am grateful , God, for the gift of life. Without you I won't be here. Without you nothing will be here. Without you nothing will exist at all. We pray that each day we should acknowledge your gift and walk in the true path of Jesus Christ. Amen



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Have you totally surrender to God?

As Christians, we often tell ourselves everyday, that we have totally submitted to God. Is it true or false? But the answer to this question is, if you have totally surrendered then, why are you still worried about the things of life? 


Often times we get so overwhelmed with the things of life, to the extend we lose patience and faith which indirectly leads us to the wrong path. If we really say we have submitted to God, then why worry when bills aren't paid? Or worrying about the fruit of the womb? Or worrying about marrying a good husband or wife? Or worrying about a new job? Or being stressed about your credit history? Or worrying about what someone else's think?


I asked those same questions everyday, until God revealed some things to me. "My child, come to me as you are and I will give you rest. " He said "Follow me and righteousness shall be added unto you." He said "My child, you have to totally surrender all, do not submit partially, but fully."


Then I replied to God, "Please teach me how to love you without holding back. Let my soul yearn for you more and more. Let my spirit connect with you day and night". I said "Speak, I'm listening. Lead and I will follow". He answered, 'Ask of anything I will give you, and I replied, humble me Lord so that I can submit to your presence always."


Be transparent to yourself and to God. If you are with him, then go all the way. You can't serve two masters. Make God the center of your life and you will experience his  greatness. Praise God!!!!



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Grace of God


There are times as individuals we wonder, how we survive each day?

The reason we pull through the trials of life is by the special Grace of God.

Without the Grace of God upon our lives we will be swallowed by our worries. But because of  his light we still have hope.

When the light of God begins to shines up upon you, nothing can stop it . when God smiles upon you, every burden is lifted up. Praise God. I am a testimony and a living proof of God's manifestation of power and Glory. Amen.

                   -CARINE N. NJONJO

Teach me Lord


Lord we thank you for this day. Lord teach me how to know your will. Lord teach me how to be obedient. Lord reveal to me the mysteries of your kingdom. Lord draw me closer to you. Lord remove every canal thought over my mind and bring me peace. Lord used me for your Glory. Lord direct my path and ways. Lord fill me with your presence. Lord l surrender all to you. I come as l am. I am a winner, victorious, overcomer, conquerer, leader, favored, anointed and blessed. I carry the mark of Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus. Amen

                    -CARINE N. NJONJO

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 Why are you running faster than your shadow? Why are you so quick to jump? Why are you so quick to judge? why are you quick to say No? Why are you quick to talk? Why are you quick to reply? Why are you quick to draw to conclusions? Why are you in a haste to make decisions? Why are you quick to let go? Why are you comparing your selves to others? Why are you easily angered?  Why are we not patient enough to say with God all things are possible. You can't complicate your life with  the things you do not have. There is time for everything. Patience is time. I pray God baptize you with the gift patience. Praise God. 

                 -CARINE N. NJONJO

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Put God first!!

Sometimes we wonder where we are going? But the distance seems too far. Are we traveling through the narrow path or are we just traveling to no destination?

Why do I feel I will never get to my destination? I wish it was  shorter. I often ask all these questions; Am I following the right direction? Or is it not meant for me to be part of this destination?

I asked again? Why is my destination not within reach? Don't I possess the  right tools for this destination? Or am I just not well prepared to embark on this road to my destiny.

My destination where are you? Please don't run away from me. I am looking for you. Please come back to me.We were meant to achieve greatness.

Lord help me!! I need you. Where are you Lord? Please direct my every steps. Lord remove every stumbling block on my path. You are my light into darkness.  You are my way maker and gatekeeper. Please Lord connect me with my destiny. Lord help me find myself. Thank you Lord.

                   -CARINE N. NJONJO

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What are you building?


From today ask yourself this question?What are you building?   Are you building your life,  thoughts,  self esteem, self confidence, mind, career, marriage, children, business, goals or your spiritual life?  What are you really building? When you start building  do you finish the foundation of what you are building or do you just keep building without  guidance?. You can  build whatever  you want but understand this, that the word of God is your foundation. When you make God the center of your building..whatever  you started he will finish it. Remember he is the master builder and also the author and finisher of all things. Praise God. Thank you Jesus.

                  -CARINE N. NJONJO

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