Quiet time with God

Psalm 46:10. As children of God we need to spend time with God. Without personal quiet time with God, we can't grow spiritually. Let's try and establish a time with God daily.

What's our God given assignment?

Acts 20:24
This scripture explains to us, why we should know the reason why we were created? What's our purpose on earth ? Many times we are afraid to take on our God given assignment because of our mindset, fear, fear of man and lack of faith. I pray God will deliver us from this strongholds in Jesus name. Amen. Let's ask God to reveal to us our God given assignments. Remember, without our God given assignment completed we are nothing. Let's believe in what the Lord has poured in us so that we can truly manifest for his Glory. Amen

Are you a believer?

Be prayerful

Please children of God be more prayerful than ever. God wants you to pray more and be in his presence at all times. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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Read the word of God

Why is the word of God so important in our lives as believers? Why is the word of God a nourishment to our soul? Make yourself available to the word of God daily. The word of God is power. James 1:22 Do not merely read the word but do what it says." John 1:1 reads in the beginning the word was God, then the word was with God and the word is God." Let the word of God be your foundation. It's imperious as children of God to start walking in the ways of Christ. Let his words define us. Amen